Beaver Brook Elementary School

Grades: 1-4     Hours: 8:55 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


PTO Updates:

March, 2017
March Madness Dear Parents, March Madness is here at BBES. Last year and in years past March Madness has been a fun and exciting time for all the students at BBES!!! What is March Madness? Each Student at BBES will receive a chance to win a prize during March Madness. Every child’s name will be entered in a daily drawing. Each day in March, student names will be drawn and winners will be picked at morning announcements! Tickets will NOT be sold! March Madness Prizes To make this a successful exciting time for the students, we are accepting prize donations. Some of the exciting and fun prizes are donated by the BBES Staff. Examples are: lunch, story time, snack time, or craft time with a staff member, being helper of the day, a basketful of books or crafts, etc. Prize donations will be accepted during the month. We would like to offer prizes that are inexpensive, academic and/or “folksy” in nature. Some examples of last year’s prizes are: activity baskets, books, bookstore gift certificates, movie passes, DVD movies (G-rated preferably) educational games, food gift certificates, etc. If you can donate one of the above-mentioned prizes or any fun prize, please deliver them to the School Office. If you have any questions, please contact: Paula DeMinico at 781-831-2919 or Thank you in advance for your support! Thank you, BBES PTO

January 27, 2017

1. BoxTops raised $665.20 from Fall submissions. The next submission is March 31st so please keep clipping and sending! A huge thank you to April Eriksen who clips, counts and sends them in.
2. KidStuff Books was extremely successful with a profit of $2492.50 and a huge thank you goes to Lisa Augusta who coordinates this fundraiser and all of the amazing volunteers.
3. The Book Fair was also very successful! Beth Kennedy, Stephanie Maxwell and many other volunteers made this event one that the students will remember.
4. March Madness information will be coming at the end of the month so please look out for the letter.

Building Integration
As you may have heard by now, the new building project is moving forward and opening the joined campus, containing a new high school, middle school, and pre-Kindergarten. What does that mean for Beaver Brook Elementary? We’ll be adding Kindergarten students and staff to our school, which will transition from housing grades 1-4 to housing grades K-2. That also means we’ll be losing students and staff from grades 3 and 4, who will be moving to the Woodsdale School. Throughout the remainder of the school year, we’ll be working towards integrating the PTO & School Council from Center School to Beaver Brook and we’ll be also working closely with Woodsdale staff to transition our grades 3 and 4 to their site. Both of these tasks come with their share of feelings of excitement and anxiousness about the unknown- our jobs as building leaders will be to work closely with staff, students, and community members to facilitate a successful transition