April, 2017


Congratulations to freshmen Lilly O’Neil whose Letter about Literature received honors and Cameron Curney and Liberty Woods who were semi-finalists. Lilly is one of only ten high school students invited to the State House in May for an awards ceremony. 

Congratulations to freshman Manda Riddick, whose poem “Hope” was selected from over 200 works submitted by MA schools to The Marble Collection. Manda is featured in this month’s “Top 10 Submissions”.

Congratulations to juniors Xavier Curney and Joseph Genest who were selected to represent Abington High School in the 2017 Lions AllState Band. The Abington Lions Club will be sponsoring the students’ participation. 

Congratulations, also, to the following AHS students who achieved High Honors and Honors for the third term:


Class of 2017 – Lindsey Collins and Jennifer Worden; Class of 2018 – Lorhena Antonio, Sophia Gendreau, Lisa Pinto and Tori Young; Class of 2019 – Madisen Caferro, Abbiejayne Cristoforo, Julia Do, Jason Kinniburgh, Allison MacLeod, Katherine Marando, Nicole Marella, Brianna McCadden, Jordyn Needle, Lauren Nelligan, Madison O’Connell, Jennifer O’Neil, Brice Tolan and Elizabeth    Venuti; and Class of 2020 – Cameron Curney, Keriann Danahy, Rohith Ghose, Rafael Goncalves, Samantha Johnson, Lauren Keleher and Pedro Souza.


Class of 2017 – Leah Alessi, Erick Atanga, Michael Barry, Christian Berk, Marina Brennan, Andrew Cardinal, Sarah Cochrane, Justin Doherty, Meghan Doherty, Ashley Downey, Ashling Geary, Emily Liebke, Shannen Mahoney, Cassandra Marando, Geena McElroy-Durkee, Cole McMahon, Tyler Merrick, Scott Neville, Alexandria Norris, Kevin O’Neil, Alexander Osmanski, Abigail  Piccuito, Paige Reynolds, Justin Richards, Ashli Roberts, Santina Vanesse, Angela Varney, Christina Walton, Olivia Whalen and Kathryn Wood; Class of 2018 – Nivetha Araviondan, Jessica Barry, Margaret Becker, Carolyn Bunszell, Katerina Callanan, Mary Cartier, Angela Costantino, Allison Dennehy, Mario DiMascio Jr., Joseph  Genest, Molly Glynn, Gabrielle Halloran, Edward Holmes, Alexx Jenner, Justin Keleher, Reece Klein, Autumn LaPointe, Katelyn LaRosa, Jessica Macaluso, Morgan MacNeil-Berry, Michael Manning, Jenna McDonough, Jessica Meegan, Lillie Morgan, John Muniz, Caitlin Murphy, Danielle Panico, Kyle Rogers, Marissa Siegal, Autumn Strickland, Chloe Tardanico and Carynne Valle; Class of 2019 – Bryson Andrews, Charlotte Ciampa, Emma Coe, Phan Anh Dao, Tabitha DiMascio, Ryan Doherty, Daisy Dossantos-Ribeiro, Emily Duchaney, Abigail Edwards, Jenna Galvin, Joseph Godfrey, Carly Goldberg, Haley Grimard, Grace Hanley, Hailey Homes, Nathan Joyce, Hannah Kearney, Christian Labossier, Colin Leary, Neil MacLeod, Dylan Magararu, Cailin Mahoney, Justin Maskell, Abigail Maynard, Hailee McClafferty, Amanda Nguyen, Craig O’Connor, Megan Reid, Kristyanna Remillard, Giovan      Soares, Casey Strobel, Hanna Thurberg, Fraser Toomey, Jacob Wedge, Mohammad Zaidan and Makayla Zulon; Class of 2020 – Erielle Maxine Amboy, Colby Augusta, Brooke Callanan, Kathleen Carvalho Pinto, Emily Christian, Sara Christian, Colby Chryssicas, Emily Dankese, Kirstyn Deschamps, Victoria Donahue, Jessica Ferraro, Diana Hall, John Hawkesworth, Maximus Humberd, Alejandra Jacques, Sean Landers, Daisy Littlefield, Corin Mahan, Meagan McCadden, Erin McDermott, Shaam Nasser, Katelyn Nelligan, Amy Nguyen, Grace O’Donnell, Lily O’Neil, Abigail Odell, Pray Patel, Arlene Perez, Dylan Regan, Richard Reissfelder, Ailey Riddick, Manda Riddick, Jessica Rix, Lyndsie Roberts, Andrew Roy, Vianne Shao, Olivia Sweeney, Kayli Tobin, Julie Warsheski, Connor Whidden, Kristen White, Andrew Wilson, Liberty Woods and Gretchen Wronski. 

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Teresa Sullivan, principal