Classroom News

Ms. Feeney Room 14

Ms. Feeney Rm. 14 Please visit the art website link to view your child’s artwork. Enjoy some of the cool projects we have been working on here at Woodsdale!

Ms. Sherlock Room 15

This week in ELA we read “Darnell Rock Reporting’’ by Walter Dean Myers. We also read “Volunteer’’ a persuasive story. We worked on author’s purpose by taking details from the text and then thinking about what the purpose of the text was. We took our ELA tests on paper this week. Our first book report was due on March 23. In math we learned how to write division problems as fractions, and also how to divide fractions. For our review for the math test we played Kahoot. Kahoot is where the teachers make problems and chooses a time for them to be completed. Then we have to solve them in the time that’s given. Next we click the answer we think it is. If we are right we get points. At the end the top three people with the most point are on the leader board. The top three people were Ellie, Emily, and Teagan. We also took our math test on the laptops and then played on Front Row Education, a math website. In science we learned how to separate dry materials such as salt, gravel, and diatomaceous earth. Then we got our study guide for the test on Monday. In social studies we continue to learn about the middle colonies, take notes, and complete graded assignments. We are learning how to take notes better by comparing our notes to the teacher’s notes. The House Cup is coming to an end for this week. Who will win? March madness is thinning down to eight books. Here are the competing pairs: The BFG and The 39 Clues, The Lemonade War and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Wonder and Rain Reign and, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down. Next week there will be four books left! Who will win? By: Elizabeth Bartholomew and Tessa Amaru

Mrs. Samsel Rm. 18

This week in spelling we learned our lesson 19 spelling words- which ere suffixes like- ful –nes -mess and - ment. In vocab we also learned our vocab words and tried using them throughout the week in conversations. For our vocab strategy we learned about the Greek and Latin roots. In math we got through week 18 and Topic 11. We had a student teacher for a day- Savannah- it was fun! We made it to chapter 14 in the book Maniac Magee. We started on the weather unit in science this week and we were able to go outside and get the weather for that day. In social studies we presented our Middle Colonies Projects in school and started our Middle Colonies printing plate’s activity. In gym we played a game called King or Queen of the Hill. In health we learned about the digestive system. In art we finished our Picasso sculptures and we started our drawings of The Forest of Nool from the Lorax. Today we finishing up our POV writing on Jonny Appleseed and Paul Bunyan. We have chorus today. That’s what we did this week in room 18.