Classroom News

Ms. Feeney Rm. 14
Please visit the art website link to view your child's artwork. Enjoy some of the cool projects we have been working on here at Woodsdale!
Mrs. Johnson Rm. 11
This week in room 11 we finished our escape the classroom sheets and for our specials we had gym, health, music, art and the computer lab. We also took the topic 14 test in the computer lab. We started the book Maniac Magee. We also started a activity in science where you have to set up a contraption with a partner that has to launch a plastic army man the farthest and whoever's army man touches the door the move on to  the next round.  We made the contraption with many materials including, tape, string, an elastic band, a spoon, a cup, Popsicle sticks, and an army man to launch. 
By:  Danica Shanahan and Jacob Packard
Ms. Sherlock Rm. 15
In ELA we practiced using abbreviations. For example, we used the different days of the week, measurements, months, and name titles. In math we are going over lessons our class had difficulty with. We went over multiplying fractions and subtracting mixed numbers. In science we finished up Science Court. Then we got the mini laptops and went on Science and learned about sound and other things like living things and bones. In social studies we filled out study guides. We had about one week to study for our test which was taken on Thursday, June 8. On Tuesday we had our in school concert. Grades 5 and 6 band and chorus members preformed in front of the whole school. On Friday, June 09, 2017 we had a very special occasion put on by student council. Student council repainted the 9/11 remembrance stained glass window. We also celebrated the last time that grades 5 and 6 will be in Woodsdale together. 
By: Ellie Bartholomew and Gina Matterazzo
Mrs. Samsel Rm. 18
This past week, we did a lot of things, such as working on our science volcano project with Mr. Pease.  We will be exploding them next week.  In ELA, we are finishing up our last few lessons, which are on analogies, contractions, and contractions with pronouns.  In math we finished topic 15. We hope to finish topic 16 by the end of the year. Topic 15 was all about special polygons, or quadrilaterals.  In this Monday, we will be very excited, due to the fact that it is field day.  This Friday we are watching a movie in class, and so far it is a surprise... today, we have a very important ceremony for Mrs. Coombs.  Student council has rededicated the stained glass flag window in honor of her husband.  We have had such an awesome week. We also shared our Super hero stories- there really are heroes here at Woodsdale!