About the Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for the Abington Public Schools establishes a long-range direction for the district and provides a clear focus for future pursuits by identifying priorities for improvement. A strategic plan is the culmination of analysis and work by a strategic planning committee consisting of teachers, administrators, parents, students, school committee members, and community leaders. A new strategic plan will be forthcoming in the fall of 2023.

Strategic Planning is a process for creating an organization's preferred future. It is a long-range planning process for organizational renewal and transformation which provides a framework for improving programs, management functions, and evaluation of an organization's progress. Strategic planning helps organizations think and act strategically, develop effective strategies, clarify future directions, establish priorities, improve organizational performance, build teamwork and expertise, and deal effectively with a rapidly changing environment. The strategic planning process involves a series of steps that moves an organization through:

  • analyzing relevant external trends and their implications;
  • assessing organizational capacity to manage external change;
  • developing a mission statement and guiding beliefs;
  • establishing goals, objectives, and action plans designed to move the organization to where it wants to be;
  • setting a strategic direction to follow to achieve its mission and objectives;
  • communicating its mission, beliefs, and goals/objectives to all stakeholder groups;
  • implementing action plans it has developed; and
  • monitoring progress, solving problems, and renewing action plans.

Organizations implement strategic planning to effectively deal with change in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner by establishing a common purpose, a sense of direction, priorities for change, and a blueprint for action. This plan presents an analysis of the district's strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats anticipated by emerging trends and changing conditions. Based upon this understanding and analysis, this document defines the mission, vision, guiding beliefs, and goals and objectives which will guide the school district during the next five years.