Goals & Objectives

Teaching and Learning

1. To improve student performance through curriculum, instruction, and assessment

1.1 Provide rigorous and relevant curriculum and instruction in an optimal learning environment.
1.2 Analyze student performance data from a variety of sources to make informed decisions.
1.3 Commit time and resources for meaningful collaboration and high quality professional development.


2. To maximize opportunities provided by technology to transform teaching and learning

2.1 Provide all staff and students access to current hardware and software, achieving a one-to-one computing ratio.
2.2 Develop technology literacy curriculum for all students.
2.3 Continue to provide professional development in instructional technology.
2.4 Provide appropriate instructional technology support.
2.5 Commit to a regular plan to evaluate, consider, and acquire emerging technology.

Finance and District Operations

3. To obtain and responsibly manage equitable, predictable, and sustainable funding for educational programs, facilities, and operations

3.1 Collaborate with the community, local, state, and federal officials to obtain sustainable and predictable financial support.
3.2 Provide transparency and encourage community participation in the budgetary process.
3.3 Plan and secure funding through traditional and alternative sources, in order to provide state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure, technology, and other capital projects.
3.4 Provide relevant professional development in the area of technology to maximize data management and business continuity.


4. To provide state-of-the-art facilities

4.1 Secure the necessary votes to support the renovation, expansion, and /or construction of school facilities.
4.2 Present required Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) applications and have them accepted and funded.
4.3 Begin work on MSBA and town-funded projects as soon as possible.
4.4 Continue to avail ourselves of alternative funding sources for maintenance and upgrades to school facilities.

Community Support

5. To generate strong community support for the school district

5.1 Create and implement a plan to effectively communicate the achievements of the students and staff of the Abington Public Schools.
5.2 Increase family and community participation in the educational process and the life of the schools.
5.3 Broaden our students' awareness of their responsibility to participate in their community.
5.4 Build strong community support for education through the approval of the annual budget and special budget requests at town meeting.