Anonymous Tip/Bullying or Safety Concern

If you see or hear something, say something. Students/parents please report any of the following below: bullying, intent of self-harm or harm to others, general safety, threat to a school or individual. Be sure to provide as much specific information as you can that will assist us in keeping our school community safe. Note: this form is entirely anonymous if you should choose not to provide your name or identifying details.   

Bullying is defined as the repeated and intentional use by one or more students of a written, verbal, or electronic expression or a physical act or gesture or any combination thereof, directed at a victim. Bullying is characterized by an imbalance of physical, psychological, or emotional power that:

  • Causes physical or emotional harm to the target or damage to the victim's property

  • Places the target in reasonable fear of harm to herself/himself or of damage to her/his property

  • Creates a hostile environment at school for the target

  • Infringes on the rights of the target at school

  • Materially and substantially disrupts the education process or the orderly operation of a school

Cyberbullying is defined as bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication.

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