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District Assessments

  • The District conducts two different types of student assessments.  Formative assessments guide instruction by giving us a glimpse or snapshot of the student's level of understanding of specific information/skills. These include such assessments as DIBELS, quizzes, and projects.  Summative assessments help us understand a student's mastery of learning at various points in the learning and instructional continuum.  These include unit/chapter tests, MCAS, and for some students SAT/ACT and AP assessments.  The District maintains a calendar of these assessments to ensure instructional time is optimal.

    Benchmark assessments are used to inform instruction by looking at trends and patterns within grade levels, across grade levels, and across content areas, which helps the district align instructional practices and curriculum.  In addition, these assessments are also used to help determine a student’s progress.  It is important to remember that student progress is based on multiple measures such as quizzes, unit assessments, class work, and teacher observations and notes. 

    Benchmark assessments are given three times a year at the K-4 level to help plan instruction in our Tier 1 core curriculum as well as interventions for Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports.  Grades Kindergarten through 4 use the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS) in addition to other benchmark assessments.  For more information about DIBELS specifically, please see the links below. 



    State Mandated Assessment/MCAS 

    The state mandated MCAS assessments are conducted every spring.  The results of these assessments and an explanation of the transition to the Next Generation MCAS are detailed in a presentation to school committee every fall. The presentation from fall of 2021 may be found below. The district thoroughly reviews and analyzes the results of these assessments and utilizes the data compiled to further expand and refine instruction in district classrooms.