AMS Parent Portal Information

AMS Parent Portal Information
Posted on 09/16/2022


Parent Portal will allow you and your child secure Internet access to his/her grades and attendance record. The availability of Parent Portal establishes another tool to facilitate communication between school and home.

  • It is important to understand that teachers need time to enter grades after an assignment/test/quiz is due. Grades will be posted as soon as the teacher’s schedule allows, but we ask that you please be patient and consider that different types of assessments require different methods/ways of grading. Some assignments, in order to be assessed properly, may take extended periods of time to post.
  • Your child’s grade on any given day is a work in progress. The final grade for a course may be based on a number of factors. Thus it is important to recognize that Parent Portal serves as a tool to enhance communication but that it should complement the student’s responsibility in understanding and meeting the requirements of each course. The information made available to you through the Parent Portal should not be considered a substitute for a dialog with your child’s teacher.
  • Different teachers use different grading techniques and practices. If there are questions or uncertainties concerning a teacher’s grading practice, please have your child ask the teacher for clarification. Should your child not resolve the issue with the teacher, please contact the teacher by phone or e-mail.


To access information on Parent Portal use the “Staff and Parent Portal Logon” link on the Abington Public Schools website ( and enter your student's username (Login ID) and password. *Those are the same that your student uses to log into school computers on a daily basis.