GreenWave Crossfit

Abington High School, located at 201 Gliniewicz Way, is officially a CrossFit affiliate; we are Green Wave CrossFit! With this affiliation we are able to offer CrossFit classes to our upperclassman during the school day as a Physical Education elective and to all our High School students and staff after school hours. This is an amazing opportunity for our students and staff to be able to workout alongside one another while enjoying CrossFit.

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Each week Green Wave Crossfit will offer a week's worth of Crossfit-designed workouts. The week's workouts of the day (WODS) will be posted each Sunday on this link - Green Wave Crossfit WODS

Questions about Green Wave CrossFit?

Please contact:
Kate Casey
Abington High School
201 Gliniewicz Way
Abington, MA 02351