College Visitations for Juniors and Seniors

College Visitations for Juniors and Seniors
Posted on 09/02/2022

The student/family visit to a college campus is an important part of the post-secondary planning process.  Students are encouraged to schedule college interviews and campus tours to help them make more informed choices. Often these visits cannot be scheduled around the high school calendar.

Juniors and seniors will be allowed five total college visits that over the two years. The days must be used by May 1 of senior year. Visits include tours, information sessions, open houses, interviews, placements exams and military visits.

In order for your visit to be an excused absence.

• Upon return to school the student must bring in a note (not a brochure) from the school visited to the main office.  i.e., Seniors, if you used 2 days last year as a junior, you could use 3 days this year as a senior