Professional Development - 09/21

Professional Development - 09/21
Posted on 09/18/2023

Faculty PD Agenda

September 21, 2023


Special Educators and Related Service Providers from each school will unpack and learn about the new MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Individualized Educational Program required to be implemented in the fall of 2024.


Support Staff in grades K-12 will learn about strategies and techniques to support English Learners across the school day.


Abington Early Education Program

The staff at AEEP will participate in part one of Safety Care recertification. Safety-Care promotes a reinforcement-based approach to developing new skills, maintaining safety, and reducing or eliminating restrictive interventions.


Beaver Brook Elementary School

Staff will participate in a workshop focused on writing instruction in the primary grades including preparation of resources and alignment of lessons, units, and assessments with state standards.


Woodsdale Elementary School

Staff will participate in a workshop focused on reading instruction including preparation of resources and planning of lessons, units, and assessments in alignment with state standards.


Abington Middle School

Grades 5 and 6 ELA staff will begin analyzing state level data and aligning instructional resources with state standards. Grades 5 and 6 Math staff and all 7 and 8 staff will participate in the departmental sessions noted below.


Abington High School

Staff will work in departments (7-12) on professional activities including:

  • Art (K-12) - Art teachers will explore how to use the educator evaluation rubric to determine areas of growth for student learning and professional practice and to develop SMART goals. 
  • ELA - Teachers will be framing action plans for improvement of an aspect of their teaching practice to increase student engagement and achievement. Teachers will research professional literature and resources to identify new strategies, assignments, and assessments. 
  • ELE - Teachers in grades K-12 will meet with the support staff in their buildings to present strategies and techniques to support English Learners across the school day. 
  • History - Grade 9 curriculum revision and high quality performance assessment development.
  • Math - 5-12 Math Teachers will be trained by Savvas Learning representatives as they prepare to pilot the new enVision math program this fall.
  • Music (K-12) Educators will be aligning fundamental skills in each grade level according to state and national standards, reviewing curriculum, and planning and restructuring repertoire. The ensemble directors will also coordinate on upcoming performances of the Abington “Champions” Marching Band and begin planning the winter performances for the AMS and the AHS Band and Chorus.
  • Nursing - The APS nursing team will review Massachusetts Department of Public Health updates. The nursing team will be educated about tobacco, smoking, and vaping. The Massachusetts Comprehensive School Health Manual will be reviewed as needed.  
  • Science The science department will be discussing the incorporation of grade appropriate laboratory-based activities in each grade and how effective lab activities can supplement the current curriculum. Ways in which lab activities and subsequent laboratory reports could be used as high-performance assessment opportunities will also be evaluated. 
  • Wellness (K-12) Teachers will be meeting with a representative from DESE's Safe School program. He will provide a training session regarding implementing the state’s anti-bullying law and protecting the health and safety of students.
  • World Language - Participate in Avant Advance training. Teachers will gain a better understanding of how to apply the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and how to help students reach their goals.

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