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Latest News

AMS Presidential Awards - 2020
Congratulations to the following Abington Middle School grade 8 students whose hard work and effort over the last four years has earned them 2020 Presidential Awards.
List of 2020 Presidential Award Winners...
White House Letter...
Abington Middle School Virtual Yearbook - 2020 please click the link to view the 2020 AMS virtual yearbook...
The Latest on the "Green Wave Gazette" Click the link to discover the top twenty-five articles in the "Green Wave Gazette" for the school year 2019-2020...
Resources to Discuss Race The Abington History Department has provided some resources your family can use to discuss racial disparities in America and give some context to this moment in time. Additionally, all of us will be offering a live question and answer session during one of our regularly scheduled office hours this week. This is intended to provide students a safe space to ask questions and discuss their thoughts on this tragedy. Please click here for details - Resources to Discuss Race...

Message from the Principal

June, 2020

Dear AMS Community,
I have been struggling with what words to say to you today as we conclude this school year 2019-2020. Two hundred and ninety-two days ago, we eagerly welcomed students into the AMS to begin the school year. As a school community, we had no idea what we were in for. Since students first entered through the front doors in late August, we have experienced both unimaginable loss as well as the first global pandemic in one hundred years.
Yet somehow, despite all that we have been through together, my memories from this year are filled with good.  The smiles of our students and the celebrations of their accomplishments and the dedication of our staff come first to mind.  Despite our trials and struggles, great teaching and learning has taken place, holiday ornaments have been made, funds have been raised and virtual theme days have filled our Facebook page. Staff and students have worked together to make the best of a surreal situation that none of us could have pictured at the beginning of the school year. Today our eighth graders will be honored with both a parade and a yearbook, complete with a virtual student speech. Teachers and students alike have risen to the challenge of online learning.
The strength and resiliency of this community has been on display all year. So now, on June 15th I can only thank you. Thank you to our students and staff for being so resilient, and thank you to you, the AMS community. It is the strength of relationships that lifts us. So, thank you for lifting our kids, for lifting yourselves, and for lifting us. Stronger together. One Town, One Family.
Have a deservedly restful summer,
Matthew MacCurtain
Congratulations to Grade 8 students Halle McDonnell, Lily McGann and Justin Tracia. These three dedicated students teamed up to build a virtual Abington Middle School in Minecraft. Word of this was shared with NBC News Boston and they are doing a story on this impressive accomplishment! Halle, Lily, Justin and the amazing Mr. Campbell were interviewed recently, and we believe the story will air on our NBC 10 Boston’s evening news on Monday, June 15, 2020. Be sure to watch!   
As we move forward, please make sure that you are following our Facebook page and receiving our Constant Contact
emails. If you have any questions, Ms. Sawyers and I are available to assist you. You can contact us via email at:  
matthewmaccurtain@abingtonps.org and 
À medida que avançamos, certifique-se de que está a seguir a nossa página de Facebook e a receber os nossos e-mails de Contacto Constante. Estamos planejando vários eventos divertidos em que estudantes e famílias possam participar em casa. Se tiver perguntas, a Sra. Sawyers e eu estamos disponíveis para ajudá-lo. Pode contactar-nos por e-mail: matthewmaccurtain@abingtonps.org  e

Work Hard
Accept Responsibility
Value Diversity
Embrace Challenges

W.A.V.E. was developed by a committee of teachers and students over the past school year, and will become the driving principles that help make Abington Middle School a great place to learn and grow.