Abington High School

Message from the Principal

 Abington High School Summer Hours & Schedule June 2024

Good afternoon, Abington High School families,

Thank you for your help and support in bringing the 2023-2024 school year to a close! We finished our final day of school on Wednesday as many students look forward to a busy summer of travel, work, family and friends. Our school and staff will be engaged in similar adventures, so I wanted to give you an update on our summer hours and schedule for your reference.

As general advice during the summer, it is recommended that you call or email to ensure staff availability to meet your school-based needs before coming to the building.

Counseling staff are available on Thursday June 13th, and high school administrative staff are available on Thursday and Friday of this week. If you need assistance after the last day today, please call or email to arrange an appointment so we can be available for you.

Summer School Flyer: Attached to this letter is the summer school flyer with information about courses and enrolling for summer school beginning on Monday July 8, 2024. Counselors will reach out to students and families who may want to take advantage of this opportunity.

AHS Offices Closed- June 21- July 5- With shifting staff and vacation schedules, our offices will be closed on June 19th, and then for a series of days starting on June 21, 2024, and will reopen the week of July 8, 2024. There will be limited staff in the office, and staff will have limited access to email and voice mails during this time. Please contact the Superintendent's office if there are any urgent or emergent needs. The guidance administrative assistant will be available for services such as registration, transcript requests and working permits on June 17, 18, and 20, 2024.  

Offices Reopen- July 8th- Starting on Monday July 8, 2024, AHS offices will reopen with the start of summer school. A main office administrative assistant will be available in the afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the guidance administrative assistant will be available on Wednesdays for services such as registration, transcript requests and working permits.

Working Permits- As students get jobs over the summer (this is a good thing) they need working permits signed off from the school. Working permits can be obtained on Wednesdays at the high school, or by making an appointment with the Superintendent's Office at 1071 Washington Street. Please refer to information on our guidance website for information for working permits.

School Year 24-25 Schedules Released- Monday August 19, 2024- On this day, student schedules should be visible on Aspen. Guidance counselors will be back in the office on Thursday August 22, 2024, and can begin connecting with students and families in preparation for the first day of school. Thank you again for your time and attention to this letter, and we wish you all an enjoyable and restful summer!


Jonathan Bourn Principal


Student Parking and Drop-Off Procedure

Between the hours of 6:45 am and 7:20 am student drop-off will be at the Athletic/Performing Arts entrance. The front, main entrance will be for buses only. Student parking is reserved in the front lot.