Elementary Resources : Grades 1-4

All subjects (Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies, Fine Arts, ELL, News, etc.)
Educators Only Source - Grade 1
Educators Only Source - Grade 2
Educators Only Source - Grade 3
Educators Only Source - Grade 4
Nearpod Lessons/Directions - Grades 1-2
Nearpod Lessons/Directions - Grades 3-4

Oxford Owl - Reading/English/Math
PBS Kids - All Grades

Access to eBooks
Abington Public Library
Epic! Children's Books

Artyfactory - Drawing and art history lessons
Drawing Collagraph Robots
- Youtube
My How to Draw Youtube Videos - Instructional Drawing Videos

English Language Arts/Reading
Storyline Online - Books read online
Story Nory - Online Reading

English Learners
Activities for EL Students
Ben's Guide to the US Government

PBS - Arthur

Clever - Clever provides access for grades 3-4 to IXL Math and other school/grade specific materials. Please use your school email address and password to access Clever and use the Recommendations wall in IXL for suggested skills practice. Please feel free to explore additional resources available in Clever as well.

Crash Course Science Kids - Select topics from playlist

Open PhysEd - Link to home exercises