The Abington Public Schools provides two types of transportation services:

Mandated Town-Paid Transportation

Under Massachusetts General Laws, transportation at town expense shall be furnished to all Abington pupils grades K-6 who live two miles or more from the school they attend. Transportation at town expense is based solely on the student's home address and is only for transportation between the student's home bus stop and the school he/she attends. Additionally, transportation shall be provided at town expense for children whose Individualized Education Plan (IEP) requires such transportation or whose physical condition makes such transportation necessary as stated in an IEP.

Non-Mandated Fee-Based Transportation

The Fee-Based Transportation System provides an option for arranging bus service for students Grades K-6 who live less than 2 miles from their school and for all students Grades 7-12. There is a provision for a fee waiver. The "Fee Waiver Application Form" must be completed and submitted by July 1 to the Superintendent's Office. This form is available in both the Principal's Office and the Superintendent's Office. Eligibility is subject to the income guidelines and verification. Ridership is not guaranteed, as it is dependent on sufficient funding, routing and available seating.


If you have any questions about transportation services in the Abington Public Schools, please email Email Abington Public Schools, MA or call 781-982-2150.

K-2 Transportation Guidelines

K-2 Orientacau de Transporte Para Transporte Pago