School Bus Rules & Regulations

Please refer to the student handbook. It should be noted here that the courts have held that the right of a student to transportation is a qualified right, one that is dependent upon good behavior. In a case where a student seriously or continuously breaks the rules, the parents/guardians will be notified of the misbehavior. Depending on the seriousness of the infraction(s), the student's right to school bus transportation may be suspended or terminated at any time. Any infraction of the School Bus Rules and Regulations that is reported to the school authorities will be investigated before any disciplinary action is taken, and if there is a basis for the report, the student will be given notice of the charges against him/her. If the student denies the charges, an explanation of the evidence the School Department has and an opportunity to present his/her side of the story will be afforded the student in accordance with the due process procedures stated in the student handbook.


Safety is a responsibility that is shared between the home and the school district. While the law requires the School Department to furnish a defined level of transportation, it does not relieve parents/guardians of students from the responsibility of supervision until such time as the child boards the bus in the morning. Once the child boards the bus – and only at that time – does he or she become the responsibility of the school district. Such responsibility shall end when the child is delivered to the regular bus stop at the close of the school day. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to escort the child to and from the bus stop where there are no sidewalks, where sidewalks are only on one side, where the bus stop is on the opposite side of the street, and where there are either traffic or commuter rail concerns.

Bus Conduct

In view of the fact that a bus is an extension of the classroom, the School Committee shall require the child to conduct himself/herself in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior as stated in the student handbook. Bus drivers have the authority and the responsibility to maintain good order while operating the bus. Additionally, bus drivers are instructed to inform the building principal about any student misconduct that creates an annoyance or distraction while driving. The building principal will inform the parents/guardians of the misconduct and request their cooperation in monitoring the child's behavior. Any student who becomes a disciplinary problem on the school bus may have riding privileges suspended on a temporary or permanent basis. In such cases, the parents/guardians of the child involved become responsible for seeing that the child gets to and from school safely. There will be no refunds resulting from disciplinary action.